Happy Mummy 2

Your baby is growing and so is your belly! Your body is going through so many changes during this next phase of pregnancy and it’s time to adjust the workout routine slightly to accomodate your beautiful growing belly.

This series consists of 9 x 5 minute work outs, designed to be done as a one off work out, or pick and choose a few workouts to make a nice 15,20,30 minute workout! you have the power! You will need a yoga mat and stretch band for this work out but if you don’t have one, you can use hand weights or bottles filled with water. You will also need ankle weights, but the exercises can be done without them.

What you will find in this series
  • warm up
  • full body
  • upper body 1
  • leg set 1
  • leg set 2
  • core
  • upper body 2
  • leg set 3
  • glutes

Let’s get moving!


If you are pregnant, please make sure you have been cleared by your doctor for exercise.


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