Happy Mummy 1

This series of workout videos is tailored to suit any expecting mothers in their first trimester of pregnancy but is also suited for anyone who isn’t pregnant and is looking to get into an exercise routine.

This series consists of 10 x 5 minute work outs, designed to be done as a one off work out, or pick and choose a few workouts to make a nice 15,20,30 minute workout! you have the power! You will just need a yoga mat for this workout.

What you will find in this series:
  • warm up
  • leg set 1
  • upper body
  • core
  • full body
  • dance set 1
  • leg set 2
  • upper body & core
  • dance set 2
  • cool down


If you are pregnant, please make sure you have been cleared by your doctor for exercise.


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